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With only a few days of freedom left, Michelle spends them searching for answers. Why has a dangerous and powerful demon placed a curse on her? And what can she do to save her own precious skin?

Dive into the local incidents of Michelle’s bustling home turf.

Get involved in the lives of the curious residents and mysterious demons in the area. Help (or hinder!) them in pursuit of freedom from your untimely demise.

Choose who to talk to and where to visit next. With a range of dialogue options, learn more about the newly revealed world around you and forge your future to come.

Go deeper into the demon world and try to survive unwelcoming environments. Michelle might not be scared, but she’s still vulnerable.

This is a narrative driven game with survival horror play style elements.

We are currently in development and hoping to release in late 2022!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsà la mode, C.Bedford, tom
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Low-poly, Narrative, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours


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Yoooo i would love to do a voice in this game even if it's a 5 second line (Aspiring VA) this looks so good.

It looks so good! I can't wait :D

Can't wait to play 😄

GUYS. I've been waiting for the itch page to drop. This looks so sick. 

This looks so good!!

Congrats on the fantastic reception, can't wait to play :)